Eve (A Poem for International Women’s Day)

*March is Women’s History Month, and tomorrow, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. I wrote a poem around this time last year – you can find it here – and so it felt right to post something this year, too. I hope you like it, and please be sure to take some time this month (especially tomorrow) to appreciate all of the amazing women in your life, past and present. I have many. They have my heart.*



A story we’ve heard:
The first of us all
(to fall) –
help-meet and wife,
made and prized,
then punished,
removed and reviled.
The woman who
became a warning.

And history became
both judge and jury,
gave us no choice,
no voice.
The story became ours,
but it never belonged to us.
And before, and now,
down in our bones
we know it.

We know:
It is human to fall
and rise again,
to seek,
to learn,
to live in curiosity.
And so,
can we reclaim her,
weave her story anew
and see her,
this mother of mothers?

Blood of our blood –
can we finally love
(not blame)

4 thoughts on “Eve (A Poem for International Women’s Day)

  1. Well said, Katie, and long overdue. The story not only did not belong to us, it never even belonged to Eve. Adam to the Lord God: The woman you put here with me–she gave me some fruit from the tree and I ate it. Translation: she gave it to me, so it is her fault, and you gave her to me, so it is your fault. All the ways women (and authority) are said to “cause” men to do something, as if they had no choice. Still, it is a great poem, and I will get off the soapbox–just been a while since I felt inspired to hop up here on it. 🙂

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