Our Only Place (A Poem for Earth Day, 2022)

and more.
Mother and Maker,
from the good dirt
to the blue water,
the mountain
to the shore,
this place is ours.
Our only place,
from solid ground
to deepest sea,
to be.
In all of space
and time,
this earth
belongs to us,
nurtures us,
gives to us
and takes,
brings life and death
and all things between.
And in turn,
we belong –
to land and sky,
to ocean and sand,
to each other
and this planet.
How great
and terrible
a lesson to learn:
that here,
we have

21 thoughts on “Our Only Place (A Poem for Earth Day, 2022)

  1. Love the last lines!! How terrible indeed that Earth never asks for anything in return of what we take. It has still opened its arms and is giving us whatever we have not managed to pollute yet. Beautiful poem.

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