A Time for Ghosts (A Poem)

Autumn is a time for ghosts.
When the days turn,
when the world comes to rest,
there’s space and time
for those who’ve
stayed behind.
In the changing of the leaves
and the chilling in the air,
the smoky breeze
and the golden sky,
they join us,
just there.
As close as a breath,
and far as they’ve always been,
as fall to winter and winter to spring,
they wait for us in that place

13 thoughts on “A Time for Ghosts (A Poem)

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  2. autumn has always held a special yet dark place in my heart. While I love the warmth you can find when you seek it, and the smells of the leaves as the decay. But at it’s heart fall, is a falling, death, decay…yes so it can be reborn and complete the cycle of nature…but still dark for me.

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